Wedding Cake Milestones

23 08 2008

it is 11:57 pm. i have been counting up receipts in an attempt from winding down a very busy day…

despite all…inspite of everything…i found a reason to smile…

40 wedding cakes. i have made 40 wedding cakes and have an additional nine lined up for the coming weeks.

i have made 40 wedding cakes! no two alike…40 of them!!!

each one an exillerating thrill from the tasting meeting with bride and whoever (groom/mom/best friend) until the day-of set up. Fun! Challenging! Nail-biting tension, but FUN!

i like meeting the brides…they’re always so hopeful. i like the part where i get to recreate their dream (because all of us girls, since a very young age, have been dreaming about our wedding day and the prince charming who will come into our lives and offer us forever)

lavendar, pink, ivory, seafoam, cocoa, chiffon, flowers or lemon…i get to recreate their dream (and they let me live it through their joy…i get to be part of their plan)

i truly enjoy creating and decorating wedding cakes…i love setting them up in ribboned and laced banquet halls…i see the drapings and crystals…the candles and flowered centerpieces… the gift table and dance floor…

Lilly and I are there only for the pregame…there with the rest of the wedding roadies who set up the brides dream…but for that time…i am her…an imagined bride that will walk through the double doors with her handsome husband…smiling and flawless from head to toe.

and my cakes are there from toast to bouquet toss…watching the first dance of husband and wife…

i will never have a wedding of my own (i am never the one anyone loves)…but each weekend i get to pretend…each weekend i live vicariously (as if i were the one he loves, wants to show off, and creates the party-of-all-parties to celebrate “our” happily ever after with). i have had it all through them (my brides)…40 times…with 40 cakes!

it’s something, right?




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