Subliminal Pumpkin Messages

21 10 2008

why can i never do anything simple?

after checkups and flu shots we stopped off at to see very soggy teepees at Powers. the plan was to get one pumpkin…not because she has a clue about the silly rituals of halloween… but so i could say (one day) that we’ve been doing it forever.

but you cant buy just one pumpkin though…we ended up with 3 primary pumpkins and a family of squash gourds…most of which now flank my front steps staring down the political campaign signs.. (i think we’re the only Obama and Bellini on the street)

our pumpkins arent menacing..i didnt have the heart to cut faces (hoping, wishing… for a promise of a family with us and the three kids cutting jack-o-lanterns? for the promise of real pumpkin pie? idk) but i’m thinking if a few political signs disappear in the night, people might know what to blame. afterall, they subliminally foiled my plan for one pumpkin

you wouldnt have the means to check anymore…but incase you do… ever…here’s a lil note for ur pocket (and you, alone, know why!) smile always…it’s everything



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