Lil Fairy Wings

24 10 2008

took Lilly to one of two pediatric halloween parties (one at Strong, one next at RGH)…

there she sat on the floor…content in her fairy wings

heard stories of babies from the nicu that have delays and impairments…even sadder stories of the ones from her “class” that didnt make it.

she is an empathetic crier so i tried really hard…and each time i looked back at her…on the floor being spoiled by her very attentive nursing squad…she beamed…she has 4 teeth Aslan… (you would be very, very proud of who she is!)

she beamed….

and then the music started…and i think she was actually dancing…sitting there…but moving to the Rusted Root song “Send Me on My Way” and for a brief moment i allowed myself to close my eyes and imagine it…you holding her in your arms and dancing about the kitchen with her amid smiles and giggles that she saves only for you.

smiles and kisses

(i think it is a sign…)



One response

26 10 2008

what an amazing day!!

i looked and found soooo many more reasons to smile this morning…

wish you could have seen Lilly’s face when i played it back. i know…nervous trembling typing now…and i couldnt manage above a whisper most of the day…but wow

incurable smiles and warm, wonderful thoughts i am wrapped in…thank you!

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