Dear Preferred Care/MVP

19 05 2009

The economy is in a state of crisis with millions of people losing their jobs left and right. Banks and businesses are failing everywhere. Bailouts. Foreclosures. Bankruptcy. Economic Suicides.

And YOU decided to waste how much revenue on a name change? YOU decided now is the right time to throw  thousands of dollars away on new letterhead/logo designs and millions on advertising to find a new identity? “MVP?” Why not “The Barbie Hotties?” That would have been an equally asinine name. MVP because we are all nostalgic for middle school treatment? MVP because it evokes a positive memory when loser CEOs, who crashed their company’s stock value, were the lead school jock? MVP?

In a climate where many people are either uninsured, underinsured or on the verge of losing their health coverage entirely…Preferred Care really couldn’t think of a more noble and worthy use of the billions of excess funds they have in the vault?

MVP…what an extremely foolish name. MVP doesn’t say quality healthcare at affordable prices; it doesn’t convey sympathy or compassion for the average person just trying to get the best possible care for their children. MVP says exclusive clique without a heart. MVP says brainless and oblivious.

Whatever marketing brainbot threw that idea on the table needs to be boiled in oil and half-devoured by fire ants (then face the ultimate torture of waiting in an ER for 8 hours while they debate the best way to file and process his/her insurance claim).

MVP indeed. What are you, 5?




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