No Passport for Lilly

27 05 2009

as the colossal week of failures continues…

Lilly and i went to get her a passport, equipped with what i thought would be all the necessary paperwork. WRONG!

a very cold, detached woman (who did not even make eye contact with us) informed me, “Sorry miss, both parents must be present at the time of initiating an application for an minor under age 3, or you need to supply a notarized document from the child’s father to authorize the pursuit of a passport….next.”

i attempted to explain that i am the child’s sole parent and was informed that i needed to provide documentation such as a death certificate, sole custody document, etc. (i explained that i have none of the above.)

So the disagreeable woman, glares at me, then types a few lines into her computer. Name? Social Security? Date of Birth? Several minutes later two nearly identical documents appear on her screen in thumbnail form.

Lilly’s birth certificates (yes certificates as in two…because, did i mention that i had her unexpectedly over 2 mos too soon…at a time, not to dissimilar to this where my life collapses around me in one heap…2 certificates because i didnt think she’d survive…THEY TOLD ME SHE WOULDN’T SURVIVE…and um, i believe i was more consumed with the fact that i was not permitted to hold my dying child just once than filling out paperwork. 2 certificates because i was numb when they asked me questions and i got confused and gave her the wrong last name…and issue that i corrected when the forms were returned to me upn request months later.)

it did get corrected though!

the grouchy woman was not moved nor was she satisfied. Lilly does not have a passport.

grabbing the phone b/c i need to hear his sweet voice (chill out…she was totally mean to us and i need him…i’m only slightly violating him!) then we are going for a walk.




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