and once upon a dream



sweeney-corner-pub-23sweeney-corner-pub-32sweeney-corner-pubjust a lil spot…he has the perfect name and ideal personality…

a long wood bar backed with a mirror with a brass foot rest at it’s base…a place with the feeling that it had been there for hundreds of years

15-20 solid wooden tables to the right of the bar in the front including five booths…each with a candle and a kiosk advertising Ozz’s drink specials for the week.  at the back wall next to the waitress station…a display case for desserts and a chalkboard proclaiming today’s specials…

a small raised corner stage for perhaps special friends or small local bands (mainly acoustic) and an area for people to gather, watch, dance , enjoy and whatever. past the restaurant and stage is a smaller game room (ya gotta have dart boards!) with a scattering of five additional square tables which could also be used for small parties.

kitchen, bathrooms, a store room, office and an additional lounge/small studio (couch, tv, etc) could be found upstairs…

ok…it got extravagant…i would be happy for the bar and 15-20 table area… Sweeney’s Corner Pub

i can sooooo picture him socializing with all the guests and smiling as if he had no worries and was the happiest man on earth.


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