Best Love Story Ever Created…

i have years of conversations…saved within my memory…tucked sweetly between tissued paper along with his pictures, my love letters and flowery scents

i have some of those conversations left upon my computer too…sooo much said and felt and shared…you have no idea (and for that i feel sad for you)

the computer began collapsing internally from the weight of what it all meant… so i have begun to unravel some of it here…

the hopes for the hopeless (he and i at a time)…never in your lifetime will you know the passion and connection and commitment… truly the best love story ever created…

two strangers, both sunk in very dark holes of loss…except, he somehow found a way to reach back, grasp my hand and hold fast…helping me through the darkness

forever smiles and kisses…

One response

29 01 2012

He convinced the other one to grow out her hair and now I see why. He’s trying to make her look just like you. I wasn’t sure until he said your name the other day instead of hers. It makes sense now, you didn’t want to answer the messages because you two are still together. You never stopped. Oz is leading a double life but still is making her into you.

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