a beautiful sight at Fairport Canal Days

i had just dropped off the back up promos for the LPGA at  Fairport Canal Days when something in me said turn your head. there he was in the least populated section of  250…across the street…

RIGHT THERE!!! the most beautiful man in the world…and i wanted to run to him and wrap my arms around him and kiss his gorgeous mouth…

i started to move, but then remembered…

He is beautiful Aslani watched from across the way silently for a bit…wondering why he was at the climbing wall…scanning and then i saw


oh Aslan, Zach is more beautiful than i had even remembered…from all the pictures and all the times he has spoken with me…i watched him

Zach concentrating on whats nextconfident and sure…patient and fearless…

i watched him climb…pulled out the company camera and zoomed so i could see closer without intruding…

will you be angry with me? probably

he is just so much more than you could ever explain to me…

Zach is good at thisand i watched closely…for fear she would spot me… i watched as i took these photos…making sure i would not cause trouble for you and your girl (watching though i dont actually know what she looks like other than a pretty smile and straight hair and you said she weighs more than you…which could be anything)

it is doubtful you will ever look Zach rings the bellback…but if you do…these are for you, because you only had your cell phone…these pictures of Zach scampering up the side of the tower as if it were nothing at all. i didnt see Mike and i didnt stay long… i knew your fiancee was somewhere enjoying the day with you and your son…

i couldnt stay, because once Lilly saw who i was pausing for and looking at she started to call you…and then crying and screaming for you… very loud cries of “lil-me-da-da-da”…you and Bryan were right all along on what it meant…her hands grasping…did it embarrass you?canal days Lilly

…i saw that you heard Lilly…you turned your head…i saw…you instinctively following her crying… (though you had no clue why i bet…you would not have expected me at Canal Days any more than i expected seeing you)…and so i covered her mouth and ducked through the crowd…fearing you’d follow after and yell at me…let me know publicly how much you hate me…like last week. oh, i do know you hate me so much Aslan…i do

trapped by the train and fearing you’d come after and yell like last weekend and tell me how i had no right…or have the girl you love  follow and scream because i have no right…

(i know i have no right…i do… i was just entraced because you were less than 14 ft away looking amazing…and Zach… i’m sry…yes, i do know i had no right…i imagine you will have quite a few hateful words to say to me for doing this…well not TO me…you’re not gonna speak to me again…you will have more terrible things to say about me…sry… i do and i will continue to keep my distance and then some…sry…its just that you were right there before my eyes. i know you hate me, but you were there!!!! it seems so foolish to be as scared as i am of you now…foolish and mixed up because at the same time i fear you and your wrath…that feeling of love continues to grow. sry)

i saw you only once more…across the canal… i did not go any closer again.across the way just wanted to see once more you in that blue shirt that, no doubt, makes your eyes glow that incredible color they get sometimes. you and Zach a perfect mirror right down to the way he holds his hand (well except he crosses his legs?)lol

just…if you ever look back…and because your 30th birthday is in three days from this posting… the pictures are for you…because you have a beautiful son …i know how much you cherish the moments with him…how like me, the moments it was himspent with someone you love you wish to preserve forever…but you only had your cell phone. (HAPPY BIRTHDAY SWEET WONDERFUL  ASLAN DAVID SWEENEY!!!)

i cant send them to you because you live with her…but they are here…posted only for you.

i saw you Aslan!!…i wanted to run and touch you…but i knew exactly how you’d react…and my heart cant take that…i know…you made your choice and you are happy

i wouldnt hurt you, your sons and your fiancee for the world…really i wouldnt!!!

(though i would like to know what you were deep in thought about…you seemed so silent and somber…and constantly looking about but not with an expectant smirk…like you were measuring through a problem that i so wish i could help you with…but then again…i think and worry for you too much. you were probably tired and working through a headache from the fun night before…smiles)

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