Chapter 6

     Tapping her fingers on the edge of the table top stiffly, she stared at the screen as it went white and then slowly loaded the trademark blue banner with white print and awkward splashes of peach (someone needed to tell billionaire Tom to come up with a far more appealing color scheme).

     The laptop chugged on, slowly responding to her scroll command. “Would it be there?” she thought anxiously to herself.

   Slowly the page edged down as she stared at her bandaged hand. It  itched terribly, as did the one on her neck that she dared not touch. Her throat ached and she impatiently wanted to scream at the laptop for being so impossibly slow.

     “Would it be there?” she repeated in her head.

     Finally loaded, she stared and began to feel her legs shake–toes wiggling involuntarily. NEW MESSAGE. She immediately clicked on the link and saw that there were six new messages. Two she knew were just advertisements from bands. One was from Christian and one was from Adam. Continuing to scan down the screen whispering what her voice could no long say “Please be there…” She moved quickly passed their unopened icons to the fifth…HIS.

     A smile exploded on her face as she poised the mouse over the message link to open it. Toes in full wiggle and her silently giggling to herself. If she could have uttered a sound half the hospital would have heard the squeal of delight. He must have written it in the overnight to greet her in the morning as he had done each day for the past week. Nearly each day from the moment he accepted her friend request and commented “How do I get this fairy dust out of my eyes.”

   It was a warming pleasure that rose from somewhere deep inside her. The play he provided her. And the exploding smiles…


4-17-09 8:14pm i cant write this anymore

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