Lilly’s First Thanksgiving…

28 11 2008

it matters to me…

the Norman Rockwell-like image of Thanksgiving. it matters to me.

i began the day writing a letter to my own mother…and my aunt Sheryl and my cousin Chelsea…and Christian, Dave, Eric,…and Aslan (i will not mail any of them…things and stuff…but i did start my day surrounded by thoughts of Lilly and those other loved ones) i wanted them to know that i was thankful and treasure the moments.

silly and sentimental…i know

Lilly and i showed up to shelter #1 at 7:30 AM. delivered pies and we were put right to work counting place settings, napkins, peeling and whatever else (Lilly supervised and looked cute…two tasks she excels at!)

at 1:40 PM we moved over to shelter #2 (not really a shelter…it was a church-sponsored program, but the recipients there seemed far worse off…you can just tell… eyes cast down…fresh sores and bruises…the kids clinging and nervous) i served for the most part there…and when things weren’t quite so busy, i pulled out a deck of cards and manage to coax a few kids to play a game…(my card game skills are limited to go fish and crazy eights…lol…but even that was eventually shut down by one of the church officials…pfft…me and my corrupt ways!! lol)

the parade of those needing to be fed seemed like it would go on forever…and i felt terrible for those who arrived late and didnt receive the full meal. other than breaks to feed, change and play with Lilly, i worked straight through (IT WAS WONDERFUL TO HAVE SOMETHING USEFUL TO DO and so many people who came were pleased to see Lilly there too)

dishes done, Lilly and i returned home…where upon we found Bryan in the driveway along with his daughter Molly. he anticipated that i wouldnt take the time to feed myself today (the food there wasnt for us to eat and so we didnt) so he made Lilly and i a care package of leftovers and brought me a turkey leg so i could make turkey soup.

Molly and Lilly sat upon the quilts looking at books. Bryan made us a fire and went to work in the kitchen…i must have looked pretty ragged, b/c he insisted that i had time to clean-up and change.

do you know that i dont actually recall the last time i took a bath or shower without Lilly with me? it felt entirely [sinfully] odd…but wonderful at the same time as my leg, back and left arm were aching terribly.

when i returned downstairs Bryan had the entire feast spread upon the table in the back (the one Lilly and i purchased a couple weeks ago from and antique store to go with our booth)…complete with candles. he handed me a mug of tea and…

and it was a very truly kind and memoriable gesture

he even did the dishes, brought me a glass of wine and sat upon the quilts with the girls and i…Molly attempting to teach Lilly songs she learned in preschool…

it was just a nice way to wind down the day.

before leaving Byran checked the fire for us one more time and said he had figured out Christmas decoration plans for the house…

he’s coming back tomorrow to check something on the furnace or something… idk…my brain is full

(and now i need to remember to breathe…b/c Lilly is holding out my phone to me…sry…she doesnt understand that my heart is broken and has been for a very long while now…sry)